Hardware specification and details

Kandinsky is a Linux system with a Cent OS Kernel version  5 installed and the following major hardware elements:

  • 68 compute nodes, a management node and a backup management node, and a data staging storage system.
  • Each compute node has dual AMD Opteron 6134, 2.3 GHz processors (8 cores/CPU, 16 cores/node, 1088 cores/cluster)
  • The memory controller supports 4 channel DDR3
  • Each compute node has 64 GB DDR3 1333 MHz registered ECC memory (4 GB/core, 4.4 TB/cluster)
  • All memory slots are utilized, achieving full memory bandwidth
  • Each compute node has 4 x 2 TB disk drives (8TB/node, 544 TB/cluster)
  • The management head node also has dual AMD Opteron 6134 processors, 32 GB memory and 500 GB mirrored disk.
  • The backup management node has the same configuration as the head node.
  • Data staging storage with 36 TB RAID array.
  • 20 Gbps InfiniBand Interconnect and 1 Gbps GigE Ethernet management and maintenance network.
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One Response to Hardware specification and details

  1. ark0214 says:

    Kandinsky is a Linux system with a Cent OS Kernel version 5 installed.

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