User accounts

To log into the system, you will need what is referred to at ORNL as an XCAMS account. Please visit the following link and follow the instructions for creating an XCAMS account.

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Hardware specification and details

Kandinsky is a Linux system with a Cent OS Kernel version  5 installed and the following major hardware elements:

  • 68 compute nodes, a management node and a backup management node, and a data staging storage system.
  • Each compute node has dual AMD Opteron 6134, 2.3 GHz processors (8 cores/CPU, 16 cores/node, 1088 cores/cluster)
  • The memory controller supports 4 channel DDR3
  • Each compute node has 64 GB DDR3 1333 MHz registered ECC memory (4 GB/core, 4.4 TB/cluster)
  • All memory slots are utilized, achieving full memory bandwidth
  • Each compute node has 4 x 2 TB disk drives (8TB/node, 544 TB/cluster)
  • The management head node also has dual AMD Opteron 6134 processors, 32 GB memory and 500 GB mirrored disk.
  • The backup management node has the same configuration as the head node.
  • Data staging storage with 36 TB RAID array.
  • 20 Gbps InfiniBand Interconnect and 1 Gbps GigE Ethernet management and maintenance network.
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